What Small Businesses Are Asking About Social Media Marketing May 2017 – Q&A Video

By May 11, 2017 Social Media Marketing

It is our endless quest to educate small businesses what is working in social media marketing right now.

Last month Dowsocial sponsored a Peterborough business event (Positive Networking) the reward for which was the opportunity to speak about anything we wanted in front of 40 local businesses. Rather than pitch one of our services, we chose to find our what happens when you invite 40 small businesses to ask you anything about social media marketing.

This was a great barometer of what “small businesses are asking about social media marketing right now”.

This is always interesting as often as experts we tell business owners what we think they need to know and can neglect to cover what is on their minds and the challenges they are trying to overcome.

The video starts with a quick exercise to focus the mind on the importance of strategy based on Kristian’s recent mountain walks up Mount Snowdon, Cadair Idris and Kinder Scout, something he tells his audiences on every occasion.

What Small Businesses Are Asking About Social Media Marketing Right Now

We opened up our ten-minute pitch into an AMA (ask me anything) session where the business owners dictated what was being discussed, there were no topics that were off bounds and Kristian did what he could to answer questions succinctly in the time available.

Given our expertise in LinkedIn marketing strategy, it was natural that this came up in conversation quite a lot but there were also some questions around Facebook.

Question About LinkedIn

  • Should I follow up with someone who comments on my LinkedIn post?
  • What should I do with the thousands Of connections I have on Linkedin?
  • Will I reach more people organically on Linkedin than Facebook?
  • How should I use a company page?

Question About Facebook

  • How do I get more organic reach on Facebook?
  • How do I capture attention of people on Facebook?

Rather than transcribe the answers check out the video on social media marketing right now and let us know any additional questions you might have in the comments.





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