Resisting The Urge To Be A Marketing Magpie

By June 1, 2017 General Business Topics

Marketing magpie

Information overload can find Businesses owners and marketing directors becoming a marketing magpie.

What Is A Marketing Magpie? –  a marketing magpie in this context can be defined as someone that is always changing their marketing tactics to chase the latest shiny marketing trend, platform or tool without considering the impact on their long-term strategy.

This is easy to do, there are daily videos, podcasts, blogs and marketing professionals looking to get us excited about the latest trend and pitching “the next big thing”.

The challenge is knowing when to listen and when to ignore them, sometimes being an early adopter is vital it can give us a head start on the competition and uncontested access to our audience. However, other times it can distract from our overall goals and make our marketing ineffective and/or confusing.

The Impact Of A Marketing Magpie

Moving from one tactic to another without properly analysing the net benefit and accessibility to your target market can create a negative brand impression and lead to capital and resources invested in that tactic such as developing a social media platform wasted.

Twitter is littered with accounts for active businesses that have not been touched since 2010 due to a rush to the latest thing, or an inability to create and implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

Create A Strategy & Back Yourself

Therefore, it is important to create a digital marketing strategy for your business focused on the objectives of your business.

The strategic analysis process should be the driver for determining the tactics you use, by reviewing your strategy regularly you are able to step back and see how the latest developments fit with your marketing strategy.

One entrepreneur, we hear being asked about “the next big thing” regularly is John Lee Dumas (JLD) who hosts the  Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. As part of the show he speaks to entrepreneurs implementing a huge array of social media and digital marketing tactics as part of their overall strategy. That does not mean that he is charging off into the sunset to implement a new tactic at the end of each show.

JLD regularly talks about the importance of F.O.C.U.S on his podcast, this mantra of Follow One Course Until Success (FOCUS), DowSocial feel this is something you should incorporate into your social media strategy.

Give Your Strategy Time

Don’t give up on something after only a few days or even weeks if the analysis you have put together shows it is the right strategy. Instead, follow that one course until your next strategic review when that assumption can be challenged by the data.

Digital marketing moves quickly but the concepts are the same as conventional marketing an effective strategy followed by the entire team will get results so try and avoid being a marketing magpie. Remember that not everything that shines is a diamond and sometimes with a little elbow grease our mundane tactics that work can be polished up into gems.

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