Reasons To Start A Facebook Group For Your Business

By February 26, 2018 Facebook

Facebook Groups For Your Business

With changes to Facebook pages continuing to affect your ability to communicate with your audience. A Facebook group for your business will become increasingly important as a tool for connecting, engaging and communicating with your social media community.

Facebook has confirmed that it will be sidelining the organic reach of Facebook Business pages from the beginning of March. Groups, on the other hand, have been earmarked as something that Facebook thinks it’s users want to see more of within their newsfeed. Which means that the groups your audience engage with regularly will still be visible within their newsfeed.

In theory, business groups should be the domain of LinkedIn as it is dominant social media platform for professionals. However, LinkedIn groups lack the functionality to drive engagement and keep the conversation flowing. They are trying to redress the balance but it may be too little too late.

Facebook Groups For Business For Business Community

Facebook groups have been a key community building tool for business and community groups for some time.

They are great as they can act as a hub for people that share a common interest or experience to communicate, share ideas and solve problems. At DowSocial we are members of digital marketing groups that act as a place for us to float new ideas, share experiences and support fellow professionals facing challenges we have had in the past.

Potential purposes of your Facebook group could be

  • A group for your target audience to share stories, troubleshoot and bond over their love of your product or the market you are in
  • A place for professionals to network and share ideas, stories relating to your industry
  • A community resource to support your media publication
  • A support community and resource for current and potential clients

The primary purpose of a Facebook group should not be to sell your product or service. Instead, it should be a resource that adds value to your community where they feel comfortable joining conversations asking questions and taking part.

Avoid making too many posts that sell your product or service as the value is in the reputation your community builds rather than primarily the traffic it generates. A popular group can can have a huge impact on the reputation of your business, elevating you to a thought leader within your industry and a trusted resource.

The Value of Running A Facebook Group For Your Business

The potential benefits of running a Facebook group for your business are rooted in the positioning it gives you with your audience.

Build Visibility

A well-run and popular Facebook group will expose you to new audiences that you may not reach through other marketing activities. You can become the hub of your community which can lead to huge exposure to the right people

Build Reputation

A Facebook group will help you build a reputation as the go-to resource within your industry.

Give Value To Potential Customers

Your Facebook group can be a way to help potential customers at no expense to either party. They can come to your community and ask questions about the industry you are in and you get the credit for facilitating it.


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