What To Post On LinkedIn Home Feed

By December 27, 2016 LinkedIn

Tips on what to post on LinkedIn home feed

Social media success is reliant on being active and posting regularly, however knowing what to post on LinkedIn is one of the most asked questions we get when we talk LinkedIn.

It is important to separate between posting on your personal LinkedIn and posting on LinkedIn business pages.

This blog focuses on your personal feed rather than the LinkedIn company page as everyone whether responsible for the marketing of their business or not can use it to promote their business or current employer.

The LinkedIn Home Feed

Like other social media platforms such as Facebook you can make updates that are seen by your connections on LinkedIn. Your homepage will include

  • Posts made by your connections
  • Posts liked or shared by your connections
  • Sponsored posts by other businesses

Making informative or thought provoking posts about your business is effective as it will be seen by your connections. If they like or share the content it will be seen by their connections which can make your profile and services visible to a much larger audience.

What To Post On LinkedIn

How to post on your LinkedIn home feed. Know what to post on Linkedin

Examples of posts you can make could be links to blog posts on your website, pictures from your business life or provocative articles by others.

You should also like and comment on other people’s posts as you will be more visible. Another way to increase your visibility is to post articles (blogs) directly onto LinkedIn, all your connections are notified when you post an article.  These should be like blogs you would post on your website and between 300 -700 words about a specific topic related to your business with an image.

Daily Actions

  • Make one post on your home wall
  • Comment on one post 

Publish an article (once a month)

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