Making The Most Of Positive PR In A Digital World

By March 2, 2015 Business advice

Public Relations social mediaRecently one of my suppliers excitedly told me that they had won an industry award for excellence in delivering their service. As a user and keen supporter of the benefits of this service I was not surprised, however the next part of our conversation blew me away.

When I asked them how they were promoting this they became a bag or excuses

“oh we haven’t really done anything, we have been too busy”

Whilst understandable this is worrying as positive publicity is a great opportunity to build a positive brand image and gain business using the power of referral and social proof.

Larger companies hire entire agencies to educate the masses on their successes to build on the positives, whilst not every business has the resources to hire a professional PR firm there are a few simple things that anyone can do to build on the positive PR of winning an award or getting rave reviews.

Email Your Customers & Marketing List

One of the easiest things you can do is email your existing list of customers and contacts and encourage them to share with their network.

This combines the power of referral with your email marketing and boosts your image with existing customers whilst reaching new ones. People like to hear positive stories, especially about people and companies they feel connected to.

Put A Graphic On Your Website/Social Media

If you receive a great piece of PR putting together a summary graphic can be a great way of telling everyone that visits your website your news. This will build your trust with them and could make them stay on your site longer or want to find out more.

Good examples of these include “recently featured in” or “2015 Winners of Prize X”

featured on

Update Your Email Signature

Your email signature is not just a bit of text at the bottom of your email that tells people your contact information. It is an opportunity to tell your clients a little bit more about you, why not add a little graphic or line about your award or positive reviews.

For example a hotel manager could have a link to the hotel’s Tripadvisor reviews and let their customers do the talking for them.


A business blog is a great way of spreading awareness of your achievements and sharing your story with your audience. A blog allows your audience to find out the full story bulding trust and reputation. There will also be the added SEO advantages of publishing relevant content that is highly shareable.

Share on Social Media

If you have good news, make sure you share it!

A picture of your employee of the month, or your team at an awards dinner with a story is a great piece of PR for social media. It is engaging and highly shareable, what’s more it helps you raise the visibility and image of your company in a natural way.

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