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By November 16, 2015 Email Marketing

Email Marketing MailChimp v Constant Contact

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what is the best email marketing software for my business”

This will compare MailChimp and Constant Contact over various different aspects for your review including cost. Both offer some shared functionality, however there are fundamental differences in pricing models and the offering for established companies.

MailChimp v Constant Contact Functionality

MailChimp is primarily an email blast tool designed to send out emails to a set list of people. In the paid versions there is some ability to set up auto responder emails to drip content out to people with certain interests.

However this is much more developed on the Constant Contact platform which has more features such as an events manager, integrated survey tool, special offer and social media integrations.

Best Functionality – Constant Contact

MailChimp v Constant Contact Email Editor

MailChimp and Constant Contact both boast easy to use email templates which have made them popular with the small business community.

The launch of Constant Contact’s next generation editor makes things less bulky and easier to configure, giving a slight edge.

Best Email Editor – Too close to call

MailChimp v Constant Contact Support

Like many cloud based companies MailChimp only offers self help forums or emails to interact which can be confusing and take time.

However Constant Contact offers a phone support service with a freephone UK number to dial, this brings support and ultimately piece of mind.

MailChimp v Constant Contact Integration

Both platforms offer integrations with other platforms such as accounting, CRM and marketing packages, you can find a full list here for Mailchimp and here for Constant Contact

MailChimp v Constant Contact Pricing

The pricing is largely dependent on the size of the email list and how often you are going to send to it. For smaller lists that are not segmented and are send monthly to under 2,000 people then MailChimp dominates.

However as the number of contacts rises and more functionality is used Constant Contact becomes more competitive and ultimately more cost effective.

For example for 50,000 contacts with an unlimited number of emails on MailChimp Pro which is their most advanced profile the price is £293 per month or £159.63 on their basic email only package.

This compares to £185 p/m for Constant Contact on their standard package which has essentially the same functionality as MailChimp Pro as well as a host of other features.

Best Value For Money

Micro lists – MailChimp

Lists 5k+ – Constant Contact


Given the pricing structures and functionality MailChimp makes sense for businesses that do not intend to grow or have micro lists such as community groups, for small businesses looking to grow and use multiple pieces of functionality.

Find out more about Constant Contact here 

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