Why You Should Love New Linkedin Search Filter – “Connections Of”

By August 23, 2017 LinkedIn

This week we noticed the addition of the Connections Of Linkedin search filter that allows users to filter search results to users that are already connected to someone specific in your LinkedIn network.

The Connections Of LinkedIn search filter is an enhancement as it is another tool for honing in on exactly the kind of people you are trying to reach on LinkedIn. Linkedin users have always been able to filter search results by a number of different criteria, some of which were available to everyone and others required premium access, this new search filter appears to be available to everyone.

LinkedIn has a mixed track record when it comes to adding and removing user functionality, but this looks like it is going to be a really useful tool that business owners, salespeople, and marketers should love.

LinkedIn Search Functionality Connections OfPower of The “Connections Of” LinkedIn Search Filter

Being able to see people that match certain search criteria and are connected to someone in your network has a number of potential uses. The first is it allows you to see people in certain areas and industries that are connected to influencers that you trust. This can act as a qualification method for choosing who to connect with, whilst allowing you to build your network around people close to your existing network.

This can be expanded into a way to build rapport with someone you are trying to connect to or start a business discussion with.

These benefits may also make some people nervous, they may worry that this allows competitors to use their existing connections against them. However, this filter will give your competitors no further insight into your business than they would have been able to get from the rest of your LinkedIn profile. It will be interesting though to find out if you are able to use your privacy settings to opt out of allowing your connections to use you are search criteria.

A Useful Tool To Have For LinkedIn Users

Whilst the new connections of search filter is not a “game-changer” it is a step in the right direction as it allows you to hone and understand your connections, something that can only have a positive impact on your marketing.

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