LinkedIn Premium vs Free Account – Do I Need To Upgrade?

By February 27, 2019 General Business Topics

LinkedIn is a place to build your professional network.

If your mindset shifts towards proactive lead generation then you may debate the need to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium, also known as LInkedIn Business.

The truth is 95% of LinkedIn users will gain no tangible benefit from using LInkedIn Premium vs a Free account.

This is because the Premium or Business services offer increased use of services that are already accessible to standard users and those that are not such as sending inmails do not have a significant impact on most LinkedIn growth strategies.

The most useful parts of upgrading to LinkedIn premium are

  • Unlimited use of LinkedIn profile search
  • Access to full who has visited your profile information
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning

This functionality is perfect for research and development projects and keeping an eye on who is being drawn to your profile.

It is not however perfect for prospecting and those with a real focus on lead generation should leapfrog “LinkedIn Business” to sales force.

If your intention is to use LinkedIn to create leads it is worth considering LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product as it allows you to build a targeted community that you can bring into conversations and track.

Most LinkedIn users do not need LinkedIn Premium as the content posting, connection and messaging platforms are not affected by restrictions that date back to the days when the platform was primarily an online CV site.

A good example of this is the Inmail functionality. This is where you can send a message to anyone on LinkedIn even if you are not connected. This sounds great but in a more open and connected network has less value and response rates are terribly low.

If you use Linkedin for a short period each day to share/engage with content, make a few new connections and send a small amount of messages each day then an upgrade to LinkedIn will be a huge waste of money.

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost

LinkedIn Premium starts at £39.99 but unless you have a clear idea that you will be prospecting then you can give both a pass.

All of this is of course open to change as Microsoft get their feed under the table and shaping the products the way they want.

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