LinkedIn The Killer Tool To Finding Your Perfect Client

By February 7, 2018 LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing is the killer tool that businesses can use to identify, communicate and convert their perfect client.

Sadly it is also the most underutilised sales and marketing tool available to businesses of all sizes and for the majority of its benefits can be done for FREE.

LinkedIn is the last bastion of organic social media reach, where a laser focus can turn even a few minutes a day into valuable sales and marketing activity.

We are passionate about businesses embracing the potential that LinkedIn marketing can have for their business, particularly when aligned with a solid business development strategy to turn online conversations into opportunities.

LinkedIn Marketing Video Outline

This video is one of a series of talks given at the DowSocial Build Your 2018 Marketing Strategy event that was held in front of 100+ business owners and decision makers in Peterborough last December. The event was designed to give local business owners and decision makers access to experts across a wide range of fields.

The keynote opening and closing talks were given by DowSocial Managing Director Kristian Downer who chose to close with LinkedIn as it is one of the opportunities that too many businesses are missing out on.

In this talk Kristian Downer talks about Linkedin as the most underutilised sales and marketing tool for businesses in the UK and explains why you should take it more seriously moving forwards.

  • How 15m people use LinkedIn every day but few realise it’s potential
  • How LinkedIn Marketing is GDPR compliant
  • The different aspects of LinkedIn and why they are important
  • The value of conversations and posting on LinkedIn
  • What to post and how often

If you would like to know more about LinkedIn make sure you download our LinkedIn Cheat Sheet and/or get in contact with us to find out more about our workshops, seminars and in-house corporate training.

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