LinkedIn Article Series Trial – Creating Newsletter Style Subscriptions For Your Profile Content

By October 23, 2018 General Business Topics

LinkedIn are looking to revitalise their downtrodden article functionality by allowing users to create a weekly LinkedIn article series that users can subscribe to.

This is exciting as it creates an opportunity for LinkedIn users to reach their audience with high quality content in the style they would an email newsletter.

This curation would allow for users to create a powerful targeted audience on LinkedIn that they can create content that will reach a highly engaged audience.

The functionality is currently in a very limited trial with a rumoured 100-150 accounts being given access. Unfortunately, we were not one of these and like so many LinkedIn functionality upgrades only found out due to a connection being part of the program.

This means that the information we have is from hearsay rather than the horses mouth, there is literally nothing on Linkedin or the wider web about this.

We are excited that LinkedIn continue to innovate and look forward to seeing if this is rolled out to the rest of LinkedIn early next year.

What We Know……….

From the subscriptions we have found you, the LinkedIn article series works a lot like the current articles but that you can post them to your newsfeed automatically.

People will be able to subscribe using a call to action button above a graphic and link to the latest article in the series.

Weekly LinkedIn Article Series Trial

Why Weekly LinkedIn Article Series Makes Sense

Since LinkedIn rolled back its push on using LinkedIn Pulse as a way of pushing content to the community articles have become obsolete due to a lack of reward for users publishing regular content.

This has created a content vacuum on the platform that is/was in danger of being filled by a third party with Facebook amongst those jockeying for LinkedIn’s access to the professional social media space.

LinkedIn know that staying relevant to their audience includes giving their users access to the most relevant and interesting content. Whilst the newsfeed provides some of this functionality if you have lots of connections there is no guarantee you will reach the people you need to.

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