How We Changed Our Twitter Marketing To Boost Sales

By April 6, 2016 Twitter

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Twitter is a great tool for businesses to business (B2B) marketers to grow their business. However, many businesses and professionals are wasting opportunities by marketing their business in the wrong way on the platform.

We know a third of our business can be traced to our Twitter marketing activity and as social media experts we experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

When we have got it wrong in the past, and we know it has cost us business. We know this as when we changed our approach after seeing our mistake we saw a huge rise in the number of valuable contacts and leads we built on the platform

So what was the one thing we changed?


Sounds simple, but is a difficult step to take and we had fallen foul of this, particularly in our days as a start up.

Businesses are on Twitter with the primary goal of boosting the company’s revenues; the natural assumption can be to view all users of the platforms as prospects and start selling from the get go.

It is worth it, though, by assuming that our followers do not want to buy from us right now, we were able to stop selling to them. Instead, we focussed on helping them, finding out more about them and looking at collaboration.

Of course, we did not forget that ultimately our Twitter presence is to create sales, so we made sure that our site and our presence was geared up to make it easy to approach us and understand the next steps to work with us.

What we did

  • Changed the message we sent every follower to focus on them
  • Vowed never to auto tweet empty welcomes
  • Looked at each new follower as someone to support
  • Focused on the pain points and interests of our audience to create great content

What Happened

  • Influential people started talking back
  • More people started visiting our website
  • People starting approaching us with ideas on how we could collaborate
  • People started offering us work

Why Does This Work

Twitter is a place where people go to be entertained, share ideas and interact with their world. When businesses step into it and start bombarding people with sales messages before showing an interest in them or adding value, they lose patience quickly. We believe that by understanding the needs of our target market using this platform we were able to elevate how we were viewed leading to more actions that contribute to our sales funnel such as website visits and newsletter sign ups.

So if your Twitter account is nothing but sales and auto tweets, maybe it is time you reviewed your twitter marketing strategy before more opportunities pass you by.

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