How To Write A LinkedIn Profile Headline That Gets Traction

By September 19, 2018 General Business Topics

Succeeding on LinkedIn requires a profile that stands out from the crowd and compels potential clients, collaborators, and advocates to keep reading all the way from your picture to your recommendations. A profile that grabs attention in search, whilst telling a story that matches your professional reputation and skill set.

The most important part of your profile is your LinkedIn Profile Headline the text that sits directly below your name on your LinkedIn profile.  Its function is to quickly and efficiently tell people in no more than 120 characters your professional story and why you should be listened to.

People will see your LinkedIn Headline when:

  • Your name appears in search results
  • Your posts appear in the home feed (newsfeed)
  • When you comment on a connections post
  • When you send a connection request
  • On your messages/inmails you send

How To Write A LinkedIn Profile Headline

The default LinkedIn headline will be your job title and your company name so possibly something like “Director at Beansprout Solutions”.

The problem with this is that it tells me absolutely nothing about who Beansprout Solutions or you for that matter are, therefore I am likely to be unable on first glance work out where you sit in relationship to me and my organisation which means I am less likely to take a positive action.

A LinkedIn Headline should be descriptive and communicate your area of expertise and depending on your role in the organisation who you are looking to work with. Tthere are lots of different ways of doing this depending on your professional image and level of creativity. The key is to tell a story and create a positive impression that inspires action.

The examples below are tailored for different roles that a director at Beansprout may have, whether they be a senior member of a large company, a sole trader or a sales focused director of the company.

Creative Director/Strategist at Beansprout – Video Production For Professional Services (Director/Influencer)

Experienced Videographer Working With Accountants  (Sole Trader)

Video Production For Accountants, Lawyers and Healthcare Industries (Sales)

Each of these headlines are more descriptive and give the reader a much better idea of the area of expertise of the user and will hopefully inspire action when found in search, the home feed or in the message inbox.

Why Is Your LinkedIn Profile Headline Important

LinkedIn search works on Boolean search which means that keywords are important, if your headline does not include keywords that describe what you do that your target audience will understand then you will be harder to find and the frequency/quality of the views of your profile by others will be diminished.

It is not only the algorithms that are influenced by the quality of your headline, users will make judgments and decisions about whether to connect with you, respond to your message or read the rest of your profile based on your headline.

Meaning your Linkedin headline needs to accurately convey the Who, What and Why of your professional life with enough clarity and intrigue to keep the reader engaged.



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