How Social Media Management Companies Are Screwing Small Businesses

By February 18, 2019 Social Media Marketing

If you do not have the time, knowledge or resources in-house It can be tempting to outsource your social media marketing to a digital agency or social media management company

However….. many social media management companies and digital agencies are screwing small businesses by focusing on outputs and vanity metrics rather than outcomes and tangible returns on investment.

Should You Outsource Your Own Social Media

Outsourcing your marketing can be a great way to get results without having to bring marketing talent in-house.

The challenge is ensuring that the company or freelancer you bring on board can create and implement a strategy focused on generating a tangible ROI. This will be achieved by creating high-quality content, putting it in front of the right people and measuring outcomes that contribute to the businesses sales funnel.

We recommend that you ask any potential social media management company the following questions

  1. Who will you be targeting the content at
  2. How will you reach them
  3. How will this measurably contribute to sales

How Social Media Management Companies Are Screwing Small Businesses

The challenge is that in order to allow clients to conceptualise their services many define their work by outputs such as the number of posts per week.

Knowing the amount of content being created is a good start to show potential activity, however, it has to be applied in context. For example, if your business only has 60 likes on Facebook a daily post is only going to reach 10 people without an advertising budget. So a company that charges for posts and does not outline a strategy for paid advertising is taking money for a service they know is highly unlikely to succeed.

This screws the business owner and the digital marketing industry. So-called “social media management companies” offering output focused rather than outcome-focused services damage the reputation of the industry and waste money that could have been spent on actually growing businesses.

The Solution

The cure for social media management companies focused on outputs is investing in your digital marketing strategy first and define the objectives, required content creation and advertising budgets before hiring a purely content focused agency.

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