How Much Time Should Your Business Spend On Social Media?

By July 26, 2016 Social Media Marketing

Effective social media that reflects the values and branding of your business takes time to get right.

Finding the time and resources to manage this effectively can be a challenge for businesses of any size but in those without specific social media marketing resources in-house it can be overwhelming.

The different social channels need to be fed with a constant stream of content and monitored for engagement, enquiries, and customer service opportunities.

It can quickly spiral into what feels like a full-time job for someone who has other core responsibilities and may not have the specialist skills required.

Therefore quantifying how much time your business spends on social media is an important part of managing the digital marketing of the business.

How Much Time Should My Business Spend On Social Media?

How much time your business should spend on social media is dependent on the strategy being deployed, the number of channels you are actively using, the size of your digital footprint and the expected response rate.

The actual amount of time spent will also be influenced by how efficient your social media management framework is and how often they are being utilised.

To define how much time your business should spend on social media you need to create a social media strategy. This strategy can then be used to create a content plan and build in time for customer service and engagement.

Some content will then be able to be created in-house at certain times, or outsourced, while some social media management can be done on an ad-hoc basis at certain times of the day.

With a strategy and a content plan, you should save time within your business by being more efficient and avoiding the temptation to let social media distract core employees from other operations.

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