How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Need?

By April 8, 2019 LinkedIn

How many linkedin connections do i need

Building a network of relevant LinkedIn connections is a key way of using the platform to grow your business.

Connections though are not a guarantee of success and you shouldn’t get hung up on the number of connections you have.

The number of LinkedIn connections you have is a vanity metric, it is much more important to focus on the quality of connections and your engagement with your network.

How Many LinkedIn Connections Do I Need To Get Clients

We get asked “how many LinkedIn connections do I need” regularly and the answer is one.

Really it is, after all LinkedIn is about meaningful conversations and interactions you have within your network and not the size of it.

Therefore, if you have one highly targeted LinkedIn connection that you can build a relationship with and start a meaningful conversation with then one could be enough.

Obviously just having one connection would be putting all your eggs in one basket and limit your experience of the platform; in theory that is the lowest number that could work.

In reality,once you connect with your current clients, your employees or co-workers and the people you already know you should easily get gather over 100 connections. Once you get over 500 people don’t see how many you have automatically, at a glance they just see 500+ connections.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, focus on connecting with the right type of people that you can engage with and have meaningful conversations. This way your LinkedIn feed will be more relevant and you will have more success when publishing your own content.

Quick Targeted LinkedIn Connection Builders

  • Syncing your email account with LinkedIn to send invites
  • Using the connection suggestions within the “my network” page
  • Joining relevant groups and connecting with fellow members
  • Searching for local contacts by keyword using the search bar filters

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