How Google Analytics & Google Console Track Visitors & SEO Ranking

By September 10, 2016 SEO

Google Console and Google Analytics are key to SEO

Finding out if your website needs some attention to perform well and rank in Google (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation) can be like having a car that doesn’t seem to be running quite right but not having the skills that your mechanic has to pinpoint the solution or fix it.

Google provide two free tools “Google Analytics” and “Google Console” (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) which help you see a great deal of detail about your website.

With some guidance, you can soon keep a track on who visits your site, from which sources e.g. from your social media or emails you send and whether they are attracted to your site content.

Within 24hrs of setting up these tools you will start to see information about your website. A few crucial areas to look at are:

Visitors – how many people come to your website from Google, social media, directly perhaps from a brochure with your web address on it.

Bounce Rates – how may customers visit your site, but leave in under 60 seconds and/or only look at one page before leaving your website.

Time on Page – how long do customers stay on your website, how much are they reading and learning about your business.

You can also set up details to report on e-commerce sites and much more.

Google Console focuses mainly on how well your site is technically built but also your sites’ position in Google results (are you on page 1? how far down the page?), which keywords your site is showing up for in Google and which of these words result in Clicks through to your site.

All critical to understand your SEO and your businesses success online.

Insight From An SEO Expert Mark S Elliott

Insight for this piece was provided by Mark S Elliott – Director, Sparks4Growth Ltd, Digital Marketing Agency who made it clear to use that these are useful and very quick tests to help to give you initial guidance on your websites performance and the first steps to assess SEO.

But it is just the start, he went on to tell us

It is generally believed (no one actually knows!) that there are c.100 factors that Google look for in a website to present it to potential customers as opposed to showing your competitors website.

User experience factors, known as UX, are also critical to convert site visitors into customers such as web forms, overall design and calls to action e.g. download this guide, buy here, call us. And no website performs well without links from other high value websites. There’s a lot to consider to fix your website engine!


Online success requires a clear strategy, investment and a specialist working with you to turn your online and website investment into true assets. I hope these quick indicators help you to get started if you need any advice or want to talk through with an expert please contact Mark at:



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