How Do I Write My LinkedIn Profile? – What Business Owners Need To Know

By March 28, 2017 General Business Topics

“How do I write my LinkedIn profile” is one of the most common questions as we go about our goal of training 100+ companies how to use LinkedIn effectively in 2017.

The objective is to get your LinkedIn profile found by the right people and create a positive professional impressionIt should reflect who you are, the skills you have, and who you are looking to work with.

Unlike a CV your LinkedIn profile should be written in the first person and when updating your profile disable auto updates so your connections are not bombarded with notifications from an incomplete profile.

Include anything you think are relevant to your current career objectives but exclude what is not such as the paper round you did as a kid or the primary school you went to.

How Do I Write My LinkedIn Profile?

Below are some practical tips that should help.


Your LinkedIn header is the first thing that people will see when viewing search results or when they visit your profile. It should tell people what you do, the skills you have and who you want to work with/for. Make sure to include descriptive words related to certain skills and qualifications

“Chartered Hypnotherapists Helping Business Owners Overcome Limiting Beliefs”



Opportunity to give a more detailed account of what you do and the professional skills that you possess. Think of this as telling your story.

Make sure you use keywords that relate to your industry and keep your summary to within two or three paragraphs as attention spans are short on social media

See this example –


Tell the story of your recent employment focussing on the skills and your contribution to the business and key achievements. Try and keep your job descriptions to one or two paragraphs and cover only the key points. In the example listed below only current employment is listed.




Testimonials and recommendations from satisfied colleagues, suppliers and employers carry weight with new connections or potential suppliers. Try and get at least two per jobs/roles you have had in the last few years.

LinkedIn Recommendations

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