Google+ 2014 – Platform Becomes A Marketing Necessity

By March 4, 2014 Social Media Marketing

Google+ 2014Social media is constantly evolving. After a couple of flirtations Google are firmly pitched themselves into the social media battle.  Something they have been building in users and engagement with Google+ since 2011.

Google+ 2014

However unlike aborted attempts this time there was not going to be a strategic retreat. Instead for Google+ 2014 is the year the platform  can no longer be ignored.

Google went about building their entire platform around Google+ integrating its search and content channels. It is now practically impossible to use many Google products without having a Google+ presence.

SEO Marketing

Despite this adoption the platform has been a slow burner particularly to marketers. With the changes to SEO content is king. This places an increased importance of social sharing (with an emphasis on Google+).

This has been revolutionary in Search Engine Optimisation. Google+ 2014 has meant the link building factories are finding decreasing results. In short the bottom is falling out of the traditional SEO market model. Whilst organic links still have their place they are no longer the key marker for success.

The days of buying links and short term success are waning. Google+ is designed to be the driver for a new importance on content.

Content On Google+

Instead the sharing of content by others is becoming an increasingly important. The increased activity on the platform means brands now need to see Google+ as a place they need to be active. Rather than a “nice to do if we have time”.

The basic concept for growth on Google+ is the same as other social media particularly Twitter.   The more interesting content you create and share the more it will be shared and you will grow your presence.

If you improve your presence the more your content will be shared if it is of good quality. As it is shared this will have a positive impact on Google Search rankings. This is because it shows to Google the social proof of the post.

So whilst 2013 may have seen Google+ as a nice to have. The end of 2014 may see those not engaging on the platform risking being left behind.

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