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By December 3, 2014 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals to put themselves in front of the right audience. Whether your profile is a showcase for your skills, or a tool for prospecting for clients.

However your current LinkedIn profile could selling you short, here are a few factors that could be limiting the reach and impact of your LinkedIn profile.

An Unspecific Headline

The headline section of your profile could be the only section that a prospective lead or employer may see. Therefore it should describe your skill-set, target audience and what you are looking to achieve.

 Keywords for the job roles and industry you are looking to work in are important in your headline and he rest of your profile.

If you are looking for a new job “seeking new opportunities” is a fine phrase to include in your headline, but your headline should be more than that. Without keywords and an apt description, recruiters will be unable to find you or ascertain if they can help you.

Speaking In The Third Person

Although your LinkedIn profile has many similarities to a CV, it should not be treated in the same way. It is a personal social media profile and a first person writing style will make you more approachable to potential clients or employees.

Lack Of Contact Details

Your LinkedIn profile is an effective tool for contacting people via a message to a connection, introduction or inmail.

However what if I want to contact you immediately or find out more about your business? Without these details users may become frustrated and continue searching.

The simple fix to this is to put your email, website and phone number at the bottom of the summary section of your website.

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