How To Cope With The Facebook Algorithm Killing Organic Reach

By November 14, 2017 General Business Topics

If your business has a Facebook page, you will have noticed that the number of your “fans” seeing your posts has decreased gradually over the last few years.

This is because Facebook are constantly changing and tweaking the computer algorithm that decides who see your posts and adjusting it so fewer and fewer people see your posts ‘organically’.

A change was made in September that has further tweaked organic reach downwards meaning that on our largest page with over 900,000 likes we typically only get an organic reach of 3,000 -15,000 people (0.3% – 1.6%). There are also trials in several countries ongoing that could kill organic Facebook reach entirely.

Organic Social Media Reach – the number of unique people that see social media posts through unpaid distribution.

Organic social media is built around the concept of building an audience of followers, likes or connections that respond to what you post. These likes, comments and shares make your post visible to people outside of your initial base.

The challenge with Facebook is that ‘organic reach’ is being suppressed with each algorithm change. Each time it is the value of each targeted like on your Facebook page diminishes.

Facebook Algorithm

Why Is The Facebook Algorithm Killing Reach?

The motivations behind the changes to the Facebook algorithm depend on your perspective.

Facebook argue that the updates are to protect the experience of ordinary users so they are not overwhelmed with business page content.

The reality is that businesses now have to pay to reach the audiences that they have built on the platform driving revenue. So each change to the Facebook algorithm is designed to increase advertising revenue.

How Do I Cope

The changes do the Facebook algorithm should be a wake-up call to businesses that the age of organic social media reach is coming to an end. You may still find it on other social media platforms but as they are run by someone else there is a risk that decisions will be made beyond your control that affect your business.

Businesses should diversify their marketing efforts and not become too dependent on marketing space that they do not control. Facebook spend should be focused on KPIs in line with your sales funnel rather than building likes.

Should I Pay For Ads

Despite the need to pay Facebook have built an incredibly powerful ad platform that can be highly profitable for business owners.

The key is to build an effective Facebook ad strategy with the right marketing assets supporting it to run campaigns that deliver a positive return on investment (ROI).




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