Can You Still Survive Without Digital Marketing?

By July 15, 2015 General Business Topics

Social Media friendsThe adoption of digital marketing by businesses has increased rapidly in recent years with more businesses including digital media and particularly
social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

This is usually the part where we bombard you with statistics to emphasise our point, however with social media adoption hard to measure in a country with more than 5 million registered businesses it would be difficult to give you a definitive figure.

To counterbalance the overall trend, we still meet highly successful businesses that do not do a single thing online, they do not have a website or a social media presence. This stance is however becoming harder and harder for businesses to maintain and remain competitive. Particularly if a business wants digitally native clients.

What Is A Digital Native

A digital native is someone who has been brought up in the age of the internet and is used to adopting and using digital technology.

At DowSocial the divide for us is between the ages of 30-35 with anyone over 35 being a non-native when it comes to digital technology, as the age gets larger as does the intuitiveness for the digital world.

Can You Still Be Successful Without Digital Marketing?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends, we know many businesses that are, but this is highly dependent on the type of business and the way the business gets business and interacts with customers including whether the target customer is a digital native or not.

The businesses without a website or digital marketing strategy that are successful are mostly established micro or small businesses. They have regular or repeat customers that feed a referral and marketing pipeline that predates the internet age.

Examples include tradesmen we met recently at a presentation we gave for Safe Local Trades on digital marketing, however even these businesses had an online presence through Safe Local Trades and Yellow pages meaning that people could find them online in one form or another.

The other example is the Independent Financial Adviser we have met that has a regular bank of high value clients that refer him work on a regular basis. As he does not have growth ambitions he feels he can keep within his network and maintain the business he wants.

These are both valid ways of working, and we would never tell a business that is growing to abandon the ways in which they get business. However the way the world does business is changing, for businesses that want to sell to digital natives it there is a need to have an online presence that builds reputation and makes working together simple.

It will be possible for some businesses to ignore the digital age for a long time, but for most that time has passed, opening up a whole range of new challenges and opportunities.

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