Can You Spot The Grammar Marketing Fail – Does It Matter To A Business?

By June 16, 2016 General Business Topics

Walking back from a meeting this week our Managing Director spotted this piece of signwriting on a removal van parked on the side of the road. On first inspection everything looks ok but being a pedant for detail, he quickly spotted a grammatical error that is made twice in one sentence.

He snapped a quick shot of the van but was careful not to display the company as we want to show this as a working example of the importance of branding your business properly and to avoid negative publicity for a company like all of us that are working hard to grow.

Signwriting marketing fail

Can you spot the grammar error? Maybe it is too hard to spot!

The error is not too bad, and the overall message is clear, some would say that this makes it ok and marketers who focus on grammar are overthinking things. However, we are more concerned with the subconscious messaging that this could convey to a potential customer that sees the van on the street.

Branding is Everything You Do

Branding is any communication by your business that affects the way that your business is perceived and goes far beyond a businesses logo or colour scheme.

In this example, the signwriting is part of that message, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this suggests a low attention to detail and a slapdash attitude, two things that you want to avoid when hiring a removals company.

The company was at a job at the time, so they are obviously working but getting the small things right consistently can add up to a larger gain. When producing any promotional material think about your target audience and how they may react.


Do you think we are being too pedantic or are you already on your way over to help us paint the extra vowels onto the van?


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