A Meeting Out Of Thin Air – The Power of A Single LinkedIn Post

By May 23, 2016 General Business Topics

Social media is often overcomplicated by experts that seek to confuse and distract their clients, yet the basic principles are simple.

Like all marketing social media is about having a clear message that your client can identify with and a product or service that solves a problem or meets a need. As we discussed in our post about going viral when you get it right, the effects can be powerful.

This brings us to a real life example of how posting regularly and having a clear call to action can generate results.

Cancelled London Meeting

After a cancelled meeting in Central London, our Managing Director Kristian Downer posted a message to his 2,500 connections asking if anyone wanted to meet and see how they could help each other’s businesses.

Serendipity and a Chance Meeting

15 minutes Kristian got a phone call from a property company based in East London that was looking for a company to discuss their social media options. A meeting was set, and suddenly a LinkedIn connection had become a physical one.

One opportunity created off one post may be impressive, and some might even say lucky, but that, in essence, seems to us to be the nub of social media marketing.

Putting yourself out there with a message that adds value to your customer base put in the right place for them to discover it will with consistent application garner results.

Applying The Theory Long Term

On social media, this means having a message that is zeroed in on the people that you want to see it. Getting this right means choosing the right platform to post on, the right time to do so, in a language consistent to your brand with a message that resonates.

With the average tweet lasting 22 minutes and non-viral posts on other platforms with similarly short lifespans, it is important to get the targeting right and post regularly.

After all, your perfect customer could be just a message away.

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