5 Simple Rules For Avoiding Disaster Scheduling Social Media Posts

By April 20, 2015 Marketing Software, Twitter

Scheduling Social Media PostsScheduling social media posts using social media management platforms such as Hootsuite, is convenient way for businesses and professionals to save time and manage their online presence.

When marketing your business or operating as a social media manager it is important to analyse the potential impact and risks of every marketing message. This is a process that should be planned and managed to minimise the risk of news or events affecting the value of the scheduled posts.

A change in the business environment, a disaster or an event within your business can turn what was a solid piece of marketing when you click schedule into a PR disaster by the time it hits the internet.

If you are scheduling posts but the situation changes, so does your social media. Good examples of this are when a tragic event, emergency or natural disaster in your geographical sphere occurs.

Then it is important to ensure all posts are appropriate and have the right tone for your audience’s mood. Ignoring this and posting anyway could have a damaging reputation on your brand.

Therefore it is important that whoever is managing the social media does not just schedule content and leave it, instead a constant awareness of the messages going out and how they relate to the business and it’s market can help avoid negative situations.

This sounds scary and complicated but it is actually easy to manage by following these 5 Simple Rules For Avoiding Disaster Scheduling Social Media Posts

  1. Avoid scheduling time sensitive or potentially controversial content
  2. Think “how will this post be interpreted by our detractors” before posting
  3. Get someone with an experienced PR/marketing mind to review all posts
  4. Review scheduled content whenever big news stories break in local area or your industry
  5. Use common sense and ensure all content scheduled or real-time reflects your brand

It is always wise to ensure that this content is reviewed and modified/deleted so it does not appear callous as the community is in strife.

So Should We Still Schedule Content?

Scheduling social media posts is essential for efficient social media use. Businesses posting exclusively in real time can find it a distraction from key tasks, it is just important to remember to constantly review what is going out in your company’s name.

At DowSocial we are proud to be Hootsuite Ambassadors and strong advocates on how social media management platforms should be an important part of a business’s social media infrastructure.

If you are unsure how to manage your scheduled content, drop us an email and see how we can help train your team to succeed.

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