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By October 6, 2015 Email Marketing

Build A Targeted Email ListWith an average return on investment (ROI) of 4,300% the number of businesses implementing email marketing as part of their digital marketing is increasing.

An email list is valuable, it gives you an opportunity to repeatedly make yourself visible to and communicate directly with current and potential customers. For many businesses the only customer information that a company has about their current and potential customers.

If you are a new business or do not have a list then the challenge is to build a targeted email list as quickly as possible. We thought we would kick off a week of email marketing blogs with 5 quick and easy ways to build a targeted email list for your business.

Mine Your Existing Customer Information

Your existing customers are the quickest way to build a targeted email list, whether it is stored in a digital database or a cabinet full of paper invoices this is a readymade list that you can connect with. They will be targeted, they already know you and are likely to be receptive to a well run email marketing campaign.

Incentivise and Collect Data From New Customers

When someone buys from you, this is an opportunity to capture details, this works digitally and in a physical location. Where this data is not naturally collected it can be incentivised by offering discounts or competition entries to those that volunteer the information.

This then allows you to contact these customers once they leave the store.

Create A Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are where businesses offer something for free in exchange for contact information such as their name and most importantly there email address. A free guide or white paper is a brilliant way of doing this, the user gets free information and you get their email.

Networking and Events

If you meet people in person this is an opportunity to put them into your mailing list, if you go networking why not ask a contact when they give you a card if you can add them to your newsletter, the conversion is almost 100% and they will know who you are when that email lands.

Also when at trade shows, collect business cards and incentivise people with competitions, giveaways and engagement, you could easily collect hundreds of new members of your list in a day.

 Use Social Media

When you connect with someone or converse with someone, why not tell them about your email list, particularly if you have an incentive tied in.

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