3 Twitter Marketing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Brand

Twitter Mistakes That Damage Your BrandManaging the reputation of your business on social media involves crafting your message and publishing content that is engaging and in line with the brand standards and messaging you want it to portray.

Twitter is a fast moving platform that creates challenges in effectively managing your image and controlling the follow of information. Therefore it is important to be aware of the potential Twitter marketing mistakes you can make that will damage your brand.

Why Does Twitter Matter?

In the UK Twitter boasts more than 15m active users who have accessed the platform within the last 30 days. With nearly half of its users are over the age of 30 it has wide appeal and is ingrained to our daily digital and media lives.

Due to its popularity and diverse demographics, Twitter forms a key part of the social media marketing strategy for the majority of companies we work with.

Therefore it is important that when you market yourself or your business on Twitter you get it right and do not make these 3 Twitter marketing mistakes that damage your brand.

1) Creating an incomplete, misspelt or underwhelming Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile is the place where people find out about your business, your philosophy and what you have to offer. You may only get one opportunity to make a positive impression and it is staggering how many people/businesses waste this opportunity.

Common profile issues include spelling mistakes, unprofessional profile pictures and fluffy descriptions that make what the professional or business does ambiguous.

You only need to write your profile once and review periodically so take the time to get it right.

2) Impersonal Automatic Tweets or Direct Messages

The use of direct messages is a controversial one, if you choose impersonal content such as “thanks for the follow” then you are not achieving anything.

Selling your product in an intro tweet or direct message has a low conversion rate and will alienate your new followers. Instead try and engage with your audience even if the first interaction is automated.

Another issue in this area is obvious automated messages that have via @crowdfire or via @justunfollow at the end. Using these services is one thing, but not paying the small fee to remove the branding affects your reputation and the number of characters you can use.

Finally automatic messages inviting people to like a Facebook page can have a negative impact, when someone follows you they are engaging with you, to disrespect that and shove them to a different platform will negate the goodwill you have when someone first follows you.

3) Abandoning your account

Maintaining social media accounts takes time, but creating them and abandoning them can have a negative impact upon your brand. A Twitter account that has been started but is now inactive suggests that the business has stopped trading.

Therefore if a potential customer is researching your business as part of their buying process finding a unloved and sporadically or never updated account can make them think you are no longer trading and look elsewhere.

All of these Twitter marketing mistakes can damage your brand, but the good news is that they can be easily fixed.

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